Žitohem is a modern fruit and vegetable processing company, leader in the industry, located in Zrenjanin, Serbia. It was founded in 1992, and with its' cold stores that were added to the company during the last few years, it has become more focused on food production.

The company is the leader on the market and at the same time the first company which has started   to prepare fresh salads for the supermarket chains, hotels and restaurants on the whole territory of Serbia under the brand name "Good & Healthy".

Ever since 1992, Žitohem experts have actively participated in plants protection of the conventional and recently organic food production.

The product range consists of organic and whole grain products such are:

                frozen fruit
                dried fruit (apple crisps)
                fresh fruit
                fresh vegetables

The Management team of "Žitohem" relays on a few main principles:  honesty, dedication and consistency, devotion to their work and to their clients, courage to take responsibility and great sense of team spirit.
Žitohem’s employees and associates are continuously broadening their knowledge in different specialized courses and scientific programs.

Žitohem products are always fresh, super fresh.

Do you have a new idea?
We would like to help you realize it.

Žitohem is willing to explore every possibility with you.

Žitohem becomes what it is for you.
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